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Company history

The beginnings of the company date back to 1994 when Holding mesta Ljubljana was founded.

In 1994, the City of Ljubljana founded Holding mesta Ljubljana, a company for the management of public companies. Share capital was provided through equity investments in seven public companies which passed under the Company's 100% ownership based on a declaratory decision adopted a year earlier. The aim of the City of Ljubljana was to ensure that the capital city is provided with efficient mandatory public utility services.
In 1995, the Local Self-Administration Act laid down the transformation of the City of Ljubljana into the Municipality of Ljubljana and nine suburban municipalities: Brezovica, Dobrovo - Polhov Gradec, Horjul, Dol pri Ljubljani, Ig, Medvode, Škofljica, Velike Lašče and Vodice.

In March 2001, the legal successors of the property of the City of Ljubljana adopted the appropriation balance and, in June 2001, they signed the Articles of Association of Holding Ljubljana. On 27 June 2001, the company was entered in the Companies Register under the new name: Holding Ljubljana, družba za upravljanje in gospodarjenje z javnimi podjetji, d.o.o.

On 30 September 2004, the General Meeting of Shareholders adopted the consolidated text of the Articles of Association, aligned with the previously adopted Act on the founders' rights and establishment of the Council of Founders of public companies associated in Holding Ljubljana, d.o.o. and the resolutions on the change of the company name and short company name, on the changes in the company address, on the harmonisation of activities with the standard classification of activities and on the adoption of the consolidated text of the Articles of Association. Thus, the company now operates under the name JAVNI HOLDING Ljubljana, d.o.o., a company for performing expert and development tasks in the field of public utility services, and the short name JAVNI HOLDING Ljubljana, d.o.o.

In 2007 three public companies whose sole founder was the Municipality of Ljubljana and which perform public utility services only in the territory of the Municipality of Ljubljana withdrew from JAVNI HOLDING Ljubljana d.o.o., namely: Žale Javno podjetje, d.o.o., PARKIRIŠČA Javno podjetje d.o.o. and JAVNO PODJETJE LJUBLJANSKE TRŽNICE d.o.o.

In 2009, in the 1st phase of the reorganisation, the legal departments and public procurement services of the associated public companies were transferred to JAVNI HOLDING Ljubljana d.o.o., and in the 2nd phase, on 1 April 2010, the financial-accounting, human resources and IT departments of the public companies in the Group followed them.

After Javno podjetje Energetika Ljubljana, d.o.o. acquired an equity stake in TERMOELEKTRARNA TOPLARNA LJUBLJANA, d.o.o., on 1 January 2012, the financial-accounting, human resources and IT departments of TERMOELEKTRARNA TOPLARNA LJUBLJANA, d.o.o. were also transferred to JAVNI HOLDING Ljubljana, d.o.o.