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Public companies

JAVNI HOLDING Ljubljana, d.o.o. associates four public companies which, within their business activity, ensure the uninterrupted provision of public services. The following companies are associated in JAVNI HOLDING Ljubljana, d.o.o.

Javno podjetje Energetika Ljubljana, d.o.o. Remote supply of warm (hot water and steam) and natural gas.
Javno podjetje Vodovod – Kanalizacija d.o.o. Ensuring the safe supply of drinking water as well as waste water management and purification.
Javno podjetje Ljubljanski potniški promet d.o.o. Ensuring safe, reliable and uninterrupted public transport.
Snaga Javno podjetje d.o.o. The collection, transportation and disposal of all types of waste, cleaning of public areas as well as management and maintenance of public restrooms.